How your radio page
might look like?

It will be created in your company's colors and include all the brand attributes such as logo's, fonts, images and more.

It can also include countdown to special events or interviews to build more engagement.

A quick guide for employees on how they can interact...
We can add survey forms and voting options to get feedback from your team ...
We can add all kinds of gamefication elemets to engage your team
Radio timetable example (fully custumizable)
Thursday, July 16
The Morning Show
This segment is designed to get employees up and moving in the morning. It will feature a mix of music, news, weather, and company updates. The hosts might also conduct a few live interviews to discuss current events and other topics of interest to listeners. They might also take a few live calls from listeners to get their thoughts on various topics.
The Music Chart Show
During this hour, the hosts will go over the top 10 songs on the teams submitted song charts. They might play snippets of each song and give a little bit of background information on the artists. They might also have a few guest DJs (your colleagues) on the show to give their opinions on the chart and play a few of their own favorite songs.
The Call-In Show
This segment will allow listeners to call in and talk about any topic they want. The hosts will field calls and facilitate discussions on a variety of subjects. They might also have a few special guests on the show to provide their opinions and insights.
Lunchtime Music
During this hour, the hosts will play a mix of music to help listeners relax during their lunch break. They might also give a few shoutouts to listeners who have requested songs or sent in messages.
Live Interviews
During this segment, the hosts will conduct a few live interviews with co-workers, team leads or CXO's who have interesting stories or perspectives to share. They might interview a popular people in the company or an expert in a particular field.
Radio Games
This hour will feature a variety of radio games that listeners can participate in. The hosts might play a trivia game, a word association game, or a music game. They might also give away prizes to winners.
Afternoon Music
This segment will feature a mix of music to help listeners get through the rest of their workday. The hosts might take a few live calls from listeners to hear what they think of the music and get their song requests.
Your team can send their favorite songs and greetings to colleagues!
Empower your teams to collaborate in creating your company's radio content including daily playlist, shout-outs and more.

Encourage everyone to speak out loud
We can add built in shout-out options so everyone can send in voice recordings
These are just a few of more than 20 features we can add to your radio
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