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With a focus on collaboration and personalized solutions, our team brings together diverse perspectives and skills to deliver exceptional results.
Dace Raudzepa
Communications and Service Excellence
Many years of experience in the event industry - public events, conferences, corporate events, sports games and even child parties.

"Events are an unrelenting and dynamic life. Events are a very strong communication tool in urban environments"

Kaspars Bernans
Business Development Manager | Radio voice
Kaspar is our speaking man, take away the microphone if you see him in his arms, because he is very close to the relationship.
He respects other work more than his own and values the surroundings not by shape or condition, but by treatment with fellow human beings. Demands the highest results from ourselves, although it is not easy to achieve them at all times, but without the stars we are above ground.

Pull in the air, look up, load good music into the ears, and jump forward, just forward!
Robert Adamovics
Technical manager / Radio voice

DJ ROB lives and breathes in one rhythm with technology. Experience in online radio technical support, podcasts records and various audio and video projects.

Janīna Vinklere
Radio ambassador and development lead
Former Communities manager at the ABB's CDO team and Growth Lead at Sparkademy, Janina has an engineering background in fusion with ETH Zurich master's degree focused on innovation, entrepreneurial and culture change activities. As a digital transformation enthusiast, Janina applies her passion to experiment how various online technologies can be integrated into agile organizations to embrace learning and collaboration.

''I see the Your Company Radio as a unique opportunity to strengthen team spirit across the company and communicate efficiently in an engaging manner.''
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