Uphold well-being and belonging with your music, sincere shout-outs, and tailor-made program.

Bring your team back together with our digital employee engagement channel for all hybrid or remote teams.
These are some of companies that love us

because we make teams happy and we are more than just Spotify for workplace
express appreciation and gratitude
foster diversity and inclusion
create sense of belonging at their workplace
saving time and costs
Why do employees quit?
McKinsey report: employees who left their job in the past 6 months
did not feel valued by their organization or manager
they lacked a sense of belonging
desire to work with people who trust and care for each other
It is proven - once employees feel emotionally safe and can be authentic at their workplace, they develop the feeling of belonging.
Only then they can truly open, use their talent, and innovate. They feel fulfilled and well.

This is why we aim to address authenticity and belonging to create well-being of hybrid teams with the personalized program: sent in music, sincere shout-outs and more.
Only your playlist 24/7

your team members submit their songs of choice and we create your unique playlist
Shout-outs from your team

text or audio shout-outs are sent by your team members with a message for the DJ to read out loud
Interviews with colleagues or SME
interviews or conversations with the company's employees or subject matter experts
Our radio events have been live in 12 countries
14 384 h spent listening to our radio stations
Only in 2021:
  • 58 radio events
  • 89 radio interviews
  • 134 interactive radio games
Together with you, we create your personalized homepage with the tailor-made program of your internal radio day!
Easy to get and easy to use!
We make teams happier
They trust us:
Select a set or create your own radio program according to your company's needs:
  • Up to 500 listeners
  • Songs sent by company employees 24 hours a day
  • 1h live set with DJ x1
  • Live sessions available in archive section
Starting from 4990 EUR
  • Unlimited audience
  • Songs sent by company employees 24 hours a day
  • 1h live set with DJ x3
  • Live stream game "Guess the Melody"
  • Online Radio quiz
  • Courage call
  • Hosted interview
  • Live sessions available in archive section
  • Reports & Statistics
Ask for your special offer!
What our customers say:

Sintija Juska
"Thanks very much for the professional approach and the lovely attitude of organising the company's online radio! It was a great way to create a sense of unity with colleagues, even during this period of time when we work remotely. A positive atmosphere and joy throughout the day is guaranteed. And special thanks to the radio DJ for putting in energy! We will certainly want to cooperate further! 😊 "

Ivonne Cano-Hälg
"Everyone I have spoken to loved it and so did I!"

Inta Plūmiņa
National real estate
"Radio Day was an inspiring activity for team-building in remote working conditions. We celebrated the birthday of our company through radio – the festival had succeeded, colleagues were happy to engage in interviews and the game and to send their wishes and songs. We got a lot of positive feelings and good words about this idea. Thanks to the radio team, which operationally implemented the project, adapting it to our needs and creating a sense of celebration!"

Aija Žigure
Central Statistical Bureau of Baltics
"Dear Radio team, You made our day so special in most unexpected ways - starting from energizing morning till the last songs in the evening! Your commitment to make our Radio special and inclusive for all our employees, regardless where they are, is highly appreciated, you are the best! Must admit - the day with you felt like it was just a minute and we want more, more, more!"
Lina Lisnere
Head of communication , BALTA
"We have the pleasure and honor of working with Benefits.lv Group on a number of joint projects, and in particular I can highlight the experience of creating BALTA festival radio programs together. Knowing, professional, creative, responsive, and quickly. I can describe these partners with which we build a variety of engagement activities and bring pleasure to 600 BALTA colleagues."

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